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Do you have a question you've always wanted to ask about computers? Now you can with our free Have a Question? Get an Answer! service! We have sorted previously published answers by category for your convenience.

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Q4 1999Does it matter where I store my backup tapes?
May 2007How can I back up my Outlook Express or Outlook e-mail?
Q1 2001Should I archive my files on floppy disk?
Q2 2003Are USB and FireWire the same?
Q3 1999Can I add a bigger hard drive to my computer?
Q2 1999How much RAM do I need for Windows 98?
January 2007Is integrated video compatible with Windows Vista?
Q2 2001My CD-ROM is marked "52x." What does that mean?
Q2 2001My CD-RW is marked "12x10x32x." what does that mean?
April 2008Where can I recycle old PCs and monitors?
Q2 2001Why does my PC lose time?
Q1 1998Why does my PC make a buzzing noise?
Q3 2003Can I connect non-PC devices such as my iMac or game console to a DSL or cable modem?
Q3 2000Can I protect myself against e-mail viruses?
Q4 1998Can I share one phone line with two modems in two PCs?
Q4 2002Does it matter which ISP I use?
Q4 2002How can I avoid the hassle every time I change my e-mail address?
Q1 2001How can I check my e-mail when I'm on the road?
Q2 2000How fast does e-mail arrive?
Q2 2002I use AOL; why do images on web pages sometimes look funny?
Q1 2002What does broadband mean?
Q2 2004What is "phishing?"
January 2005What is a name server?
Q1 2001What is spam?
September 2005When I retrieve new e-mail where is it stored?
August 2007When I try to e-mail a file by right-clicking it or using the menu option within Word, I am prompted to create a "profile," or the wrong e-mail program appears. Why?
Q1 2002Which is better, a cable modem or DSL?
January 2005Why are name servers important to my domain name and e-mail?
Q1 2001Why are phone and network jacks typically installed upside down?
May 2005Why can't I send e-mail using Outlook Express? Why do messages get stuck in my Outbox?
February 2008Why did Microsoft remove the menus from Internet Explorer 7?
Q1 2001Why do some web sites start with something besides "www"?
October 2004Why does my computer suddenly seem very slow, especially on the Internet, and occasionally lose time?
Q3 2000Why doesn't Outlook Express notify me when I receive new e-mail?
October 2004Why is my wireless connection so slow and intermittent?
Q2 1999Will a hotel phone line damage my laptop?
Q3 2002Are there any more problems like "Y2K" coming up?
May 2007Are there any pitfalls to renewing Norton AntiVirus?
Q2 2003Can I connect Macintosh computers to my Windows network?
Q3 1999Can I obtain back issues of The ITS Connection?
September 2005Can I turn off the balloon popups telling me new updates are ready?
Q1 2000Can I write off the cost of my home computer for tax purposes?
January 2008Do I need special insurance for my home computers?
April 2008How can I access the File menu in Vista and Office 2007?
January 2008How long will Microsoft support Windows XP?
August 2007I bought a PC with Windows Vista Home Premium; can I upgrade to Vista Business?
May 2006In Windows Update, what is the difference between Express and Custom mode?
Q1 2004Is there a quicker way to copy and paste text instead of using the Edit menu?
Q1 2002Is WinZip free?
January 2007Now that daylight savings time will start three weeks earlier in 2007, will my computer's clock adjust?
Q2 2002ScanDisk reported a lost cluster on my hard drive, is that bad?
September 2005Should I install the updates Microsoft keeps telling me are ready to download?
August 2006
Q2 1998What do I need to do when my company moves to a new office?
Q3 2004What is "open source" software?
Q3 1998What is ITS' normal response time?
Q4 2001What is the difference between the two slashes (/, \) computers use?
May 2006What is the difference between Windows Update and Microsoft Update?
Q2 2000What should I do if an application I am using locks up?
October 2004When geeks talk about a program or dialog box "having focus" what do they mean?
Q1 2004When I run ScanDisk and Defrag on my computer,why do they keep restarting and never finish?
Q3 2002Why does my new USB device not work?
May 2006Why should I run LiveUpdate myself if it checks automatically?
Q3 2003After the recent severe storms we had to power off some equipment to reset it. Can we avoid this?
Q4 1998Can I use an extension cord for my surge protector?
Q4 2000How can I tell if my UPS still works?
February 2008How should I charge my new UPS?
Q3 2002Should I plug other electrical items into my surge protector/noise filter?
Q1 2000Should I turn my PC off every night?
Q4 1999What should I do when the power goes out?
Q4 2000Why do you not recommend cheap surge protectors?
Q2 2004Why does my UPS beep sometimes?
October 2006Are screen savers necessary?
Q1 2003What is monitor "resolution?"
October 2006What is the best way to clean my dusty monitor screen?
Q1 1998What is the proper way to adjust my monitor?