Now that daylight savings time will start three weeks earlier in 2007, will my computer's clock adjust?

Starting in 2007 daylight savings time in the U.S. starts three weeks earlier and ends one week later. Software companies are hustling to roll out updates so computers will adjust their clocks on the correct day. This change impacts Canada as well, but not Mexico. Potentially any program that handles time stamps could be affected, such as e-mail programs, calendars, operating systems, and web servers.

Of note, Microsoft no longer supports older operating systems and software like Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, and Outlook 97, so will not be issuing an update. However, newer programs will have updates issued between January and February. For example Windows XP has an update available via Microsoft Update that is
actually issued as an optional download it choose the Custom option in Microsoft Update and select that update (but don't be confused by the update for Australia).

View this article online for a link to Microsoft's web page on daylight savings time.

January 2007

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