How should I charge my new UPS?

Customers who purchase a new battery backup, or a replacement battery, often want to know how to charge the giant battery, and whether they need to do that before using it. A new UPS should come with instructions for charging it, but in general we recommend you plug it into the wall without connecting anything to it for 15-30 minutes (or, one can leave things connected but powered off). Technically speaking, devices can be connected to the UPS immediately, but in case of a power outage during that time the UPS will not provide its normal runtime protection. A UPS will charge its battery any time it is connected to a working wall outlet.

UPS batteries typically need to be replaced every three to five years, depending on how often the unit switches to battery power. APC and other major brands offer free (prepaid shipping) recycling service with a new battery purchase.

February 2008

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