Telephone/Voice over IP Solutions

VoIP phoneA business relies on its phone system to interact with customers, prospects, and vendors. Modern phone systems go far beyond the talk-or-don't-talk features of older systems. Today, a business needs a phone system that interacts with its CRM software and other applications, provides amazing flexibility, can be easily administered in-house, and yet is as easy to use as clicking a mouse.

Woman on phoneVoIP (Voice over IP) technology allows a voice phone call to be transmitted over the Internet instead of through the local telephone company. With VoIP a business might save hundreds of dollars in phone bills, and connect branch offices, salespeople, and home-based workers directly to the office phone system. Let ITS show you when VoIP will work for a business (and when it won't).

In addition to our phone system solutions, ITS designs and installs phone and network wiring.

We are happy to provide a free evaluation of your phone bill and discuss available options.


ITS is 3CX Advanced Certified