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Easily Block 99.9% of Password Hacks
According to Microsoft's research, enabling multi-factor authentication can block 99.9% of password hacks.
Mon, Jan 03 2022 09:47 AM CST
Massive Changes to Microsoft 365 Pricing
On March 1, Microsoft will modify pricing and policies for several Microsoft 365 services.
Thu, Dec 09 2021 09:16 AM CST
You May Not Want an HP+ Printer
ITS recently helped a client set up an HP+ printer, a new "premium" (at least in label) offering from HP.
Wed, Nov 03 2021 08:57 PM CST
Windows 11 - What Your Business Needs to Know
Microsoft officially released Windows 11 on October 5. Businesses must plan their migrations.
Wed, Oct 06 2021 01:33 PM CST
End of the road for Microsoft Vista?
Microsoft finally fixes Windows Update slowness
Daily Herald Interview
APC Recalls Millions of Surge Protectors
Adobe Announces Customer Data Breach
Microsoft Releases Critical Server Patch
Symantec: Stop Using pcAnywhere
AT&T Sets Data Usage Limits
Internet Explorer 9 Released
Last IP Addresses Assigned
Windows Phone 7 vs. Data Cards

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