Secure Server Certificates

ITS provides high quality SSL certificates to our clients. Our new web hosting platform includes free Let's Encrypt certificates with automatic installation and renewal.

We also provide purchased certificates. As low as $54.99 per year, these secure certificates are competitive with SSL certificates from other providers.


There are several varieties of SSL certificate from ITS:

Type: Standard Premium with Extended Validation Multi-domain / UCC Wildcard
Summary: Fast setup High level of validation
Green bar in web browser
Common for MS Exchange or multiple servers
Includes 2 add'l hostnames; $20/year/name over 3
Multiple hostnames, one server
1 Year: $54.99 $229.99 $79.99 $219.95
2+ Years: Note: in March 2018, certificate authorities stopped issuing certificates for longer than 2 years,
and in September 2020 most browsers stopped accepting certificates issued for longer than 1 year.
While multi-year "subscriptions" are available they still require regenerating the certificate annually.

All certificates include free reissuance if necessary.

No-Hassle Ordering And Installation

For a flat fee of $49, ITS will handle:

  • generating the private encryption key
  • generating the CSR (certificate signing request)
  • ordering the certificate
  • installing the certificate

This fee applies to new orders or renewals. This fee does not apply for web sites hosted with ITS! Experienced clients of course may opt to order and install their own certificates using our instructions. If you wish to order and install your own certificate via our control panel, please see the instructions below.

Renewals have a 30 day grace period from when we order them, so expect a few weeks of extra time added on at each renewal.


Custom SSL certificates will work with our Shared, Windows, and Advanced Hosting accounts. If you are not sure what account type you have or have any questions, please contact support.

To start your order or renewal, please carefully follow the instructions for your hosting account below. In general, the steps are:

  • For new certificates or renewals on your own in-house Windows Server, generate a CSR (certificate signing request) per the instructions below. Be sure to choose the correct web server type.
  • For renewal certificates, use your existing CSR.
  • To place your order, please contact ITS Technical Support for assistance.
  • Save your CSR code for use when renewing your certificate.

All Hosting Plans

In your control panel, select your Webspace. Click the Websites tab. Click your domain name. Click Secure Your Sites. Click Add SSL Certificate and follow the directions to generate a new certificate request or upload an existing certificate.

If you generated a certificate request you may order from our partner or any other of your choosing.

In-house Server

For an in-house server like Exchange or Windows IIS, generate a request on that server and then order from our partner.

Explanation of the order form sections you may need to complete:

State or Province
Enter your full state name, not an abbreviation.

Domain Name
The domain you wish to encrypt. Enter the base name ( since the "www" version is included. For UCC (multi-hostname) certificates you will enter the rest while ordering.


Our certificates are compatbile with the following browsers and devices, as of April, 2011 (i.e., over 99%). Users of older browser versions may receive a warning that the root certificate is not trusted. When presented with the warning those users can simply install the root certificate. To do so, click "View Certificate." Then, when the certificate is displayed, click "Install Certificate."


  • AOL®: 5 and higher
  • Google Chrome™: All versions
  • Firefox®: All versions
  • Internet Explorer®: 5.01 and higher
  • Konqueror®: All versions
  • Mozilla®: All versions
  • Netscape: 4.7 and higher
  • Opera browser©: 7.5 and higher
  • Safari®: Mac OS® 10.3.4 and higher


  • ACCESS NetFront™: 3.3 and higher
  • Amazon Kindle®: 1.1 and higher
  • Android™: All versions
  • AT&T WAP Gateways: All AT&T phones that use WAP version 1.X for Web browsing
  • BlackBerry®: 4.1 and higher
  • iPhone®: All versions
  • iPad™: All versions
  • Motorola® phones: Manufactured in 2009 and later
  • Nokia® devices: Manufactured in 2007 and later
  • Palm OS®: 6.1 and higher (also Treo 650)
  • Sprint® devices: Manufactured in 2010 and later
  • Sony PlayStation Portable®: 2.5 and higher
  • Sun Java Runtime® (JRE): 1.4.2_07 and higher and 1.5.0_02 and higher
  • Windows Mobile®: 2005 AKU 2 and higher