IT Consulting - Network and Phone Wiring

A good wiring plan provides flexibility and expandability for your system. ITS will design and install your network and phone wiring ourselves. ITS knows the details and requirements for designing a good infrastructure, and understand how to best meet your needs. Best of all, we provide a five-year warranty for all wiring installations!

Our expertise includes:

  • Fast Ethernet (100Base-TX)
  • Gigabit (up to 10x faster)
  • Fiber optic
  • Wireless (short and long range)
  • Cable TV
  • Telephone

ITS always installs Category 5E or higher wire and connectors for computer networks, to maximize network speed and data reliability. After installation, each wire is frequency tested with a special device to verify it will handle high speed network traffic reliably. Many installers leave out this step, leaving customers searching for the cause of network communication problems. Most cable installers also are not able to plan the network infrastructure in conjunction with the wiring, as we can.

Let your infrastructure provide a solid base for your company's network. ITS can also become a single point of contact for any network communication issues that might come up, since we can design for and provide the network switches, routers, and other communication devices as well as the base wiring.