How can I avoid the hassle every time I change my e-mail address?

Simple...don't change e-mail addresses! If you register your own domain name, you can forward that e-mail to an address at any ISP. This allows you to change from AOL to another dialup ISP, to a cable modem, satellite, or DSL, all without having to notify your clients, friends, and family. Just give out the e-mail address at your domain, and once your e-mail software is set up to label your mail as "from" that address, they will have no idea that the mail is being forwarded to another mailbox. Having your own domain name makes your business look more professional, too.

ITS can register domain names for a very reasonable fee, and our RapidDomain hosting plan's one-time charge makes having your own domain name very economical. See our web site for details, and to search for an available domain name.

November 2002

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