How To Get Started On The Web

Not sure how the Internet works? No problem, we're here to help! For a high-level primer on how web sites work, we refer you to one of our newsletter articles, Welcome to Internet Island. To get started with your own web site, you will need two things:

Domain name

A domain name is your address on the Internet. This is how people find your site. It can be a company name, brand, trademark, product name, or anything you want. You simply need to find an available domain.

Hosting account

Once you have selected an address, you need to have a "house" so when visitors come looking they will find something there. One option is to simply reserve a domain name, which you can upgrade later into a full site. Or, the majority of our clients are very well served by one of our Shared Hosting plans.

Use our Pick-A-Plan Helper to help you find the right plan!

Developing site content

If you are unfamiliar with editing HTML files (the "language" in which web pages are written) or working on the Internet, ITS can help design and create your site, perhaps with the goal of having your company maintain it on an ongoing basis. Software such as Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver can also assist new web designers to get started.