What Is ITS' normal response time?

At ITS we make every attempt to respond to clients' needs in a timely manner. Typically we find we can respond to the vast majority of clients within 24 to 48 hours of a customer's initial call. Of course, our response time will fluctuate depending on whether our technical staff is in the office or out at other clients' sites.

This past six months we have been unusually busy during some periods, and our response time has decreased occasionally. Recently we have taken steps that should help minimize this situation. Clients may also find it beneficial to work with any of the technical staff in the office rather than wait for one particular staff member to return. While not all technicians may be familiar with each system, they can help with most of the problems our customers encounter. One of our goals is to familiarize each technician with more clients' systems.

ITS does offer priority Emergency Service contracts, where for a fee we guarantee a predetermined response time. If a client with a Priority 1 contract calls and all our technicians are out, we guarantee to contact the client within two hours, on a 24x7 basis. During that discussion the client can decide whether to pursue the incident at a priority or normal response level.

Clients with Emergency Service contracts will take priority over scheduled jobs - even those already in progress - as well as new requests. If the situation ever arises where a technician must leave one client's site before work is completed, we will make arrangements to finish at our earliest opportunity. Of course, we will leave that client in an operational state.


Update 12/99

We have revamped our Emergency Service offerings to include Emergency Service On Demand, allowing clients without a long term service contract to receive an emergency response.

August 1998

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