ITS Backup

A Better Solution

Eliminate the headaches and hassles of tape based backup solutions while easily backing up servers as well as any critical workstations.

Hassle Free

Once it is set up, ITS Backup requires no changing of expensive tapes. No cleaning tapes are required. ITS monitors backups daily to alert you of any problems.


Because it backs up to a hard drive, ITS Backup is faster and more reliable than tapes, which wear out with use. Restores are also faster because tape drives must seek to the right spot on the tape, then read off the files much more slowly.

Better Backup

Tape drives are slow enough that it is often not feasible to back up workstations, leaving e-mail and documents at risk. Consider the time required to install and configure all software programs if a hard drive fails. ITS Backup creates a complete image of a PC, which puts people back to work immediately after a restore.

Better Restore

With this solution, ITS can start a restore without first installing Windows, saving hours of time. Unlike conventional backups, if a dead motherboard is replaced, ITS Backup can reconfigure Windows on the fly to use the new hardware, potentially saving hours of time for a "repair install" of Windows.


Costs for hard drive-based data storage have been in freefall for years, while tape drive vendors have been forced to develop larger and larger capacities to keep up with storage needs. ITS Backup can use a large capacity hard drive or a network-attached storage device to store several weeks or even months of backups for multiple computers. Once the initial data storage is set up, the low monthly fee includes software upgrades and daily monitoring, starting at just $5 per workstation and $10 per server. Please contact us for a quote and let us know the number of servers and workstations you need backed up.

Risk free: 60-day money back guarantee

We are so confident ITS Backup is a good fit for your business that if you choose to cancel within 60 days, a refund will be provided for all fees. Your firm may also cancel at any time by providing 30 days' notice.