Recommended Software

Our Recommendations - Including Several FREE Solutions!

Below are recommendations from ITS for security software. If you are looking for help setting up a solution for your buisness, please give us a call!


ITS Mail Guard is an easy-to-use service that is excellent for no-footprint, no-effort solutions. It also works well for organizations with many outside salespeople or workers outside the office using WebMail or Blackberry, Palm, or wireless devices to receive e-mail. ITS Mail Guard protects against spam, viruses, and phishing e-mails.

For a learning POP filter that runs on each PC, ITS has seen good results with the free program, K9. It is a Bayesian-style program that "learns" as time goes on based on messages the user corrects as spam or valid mail. It does require installation on each PC and some configuration and upkeep by the user to work well, but ITS can help configure this program on your PCs.


Every PC needs anti-virus software in today's world. Starting around five to ten PCs it makes sense to use "corporate" anti-virus solutions, which are far easier to manage and configure. Renewals are a breeze compared to entering the company credit card into renewal screens one at a time on a couple dozen PCs, whenever they happen to expire. Corporate versions usually include free program updates with the annual subscription/renewal fees.

ITS offers our ITS Antivirus service for a low annual per-computer fee and you are charged for what you use so no need to buy extra licenses.


These utilities are also important. Most anti-virus software includes anti-malware features nowadays.

If you have one, like anti-virus software it is critical to keep it updated. ITS has found the best results by running more than one program. We like the free Spybot Search and Destroy, and are resellers of LavaSoft Ad-Aware, which is free for home users. Pest Patrol and the CoolWebSearch removal utility round out our recommendations.

Once they infect a PC, pests, spyware, and adware can be extremely difficult to remove, so if you have trouble, give us a call. Think about it - they make money by showing you ads. The more ads, the more money. Viruses may exist to replicate and infect other PCs but a pest wants stay on your PC.