When I try to e-mail a file by right-clicking it or using the menu option within Word, I am prompted to create a "profile," or the wrong e-mail program appears. Why?

For reasons unknown to us, when Microsoft Update installs a security update for Microsoft Outlook, it often sets Outlook as the default e-mail program, regardless of whether it was ever configured or used. The prompt to create a profile is Outlook's way of saying "you need to configure me."

The solution is to simply set Outlook Express (or other program) to be your default e-mail program again. By default Outlook Express should prompt you to do this when you next open it; however, that option can be disabled. To fix the problem manually, open Control Panel, then Internet Options, and on the Programs tab set the E-mail option to your desired program.

One can also set Outlook Express as the default e-mail program by opening Outlook Express and opening the Tools/Options dialog, then clicking the Make Default button towards the bottom of the General tab.

August 2007

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