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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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ABC News: US Headlines
Families of Sandy Hook victims file defamation suit against right-wing radio ...
Six families of victims killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting, as we...

Judge rules Trump can't block people from his Twitter account
A judge ruled Wednesday that President Trump can't block Twitter followers.

Man with stage 4 cancer detained after cruise docks in Florida, family says
The man had decided to spend his last months alive enjoying life with his family.

30-year-old ordered to vacate parents' home claims they harassed him
The man moved back home eight years ago after losing a job, he said.

NFL mandates standing for national anthem, banishing protesters from the field
A new NFL policy announced today mandates players stand for the national anthem.

Judge orders man, 30, out of parents' home after months-long battle: 'I want ...
Their son moved back into the home eight years ago after losing a job, he said.

Mysterious death of CDC worker ruled suicide by drowning
The mysterious death of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention epidemiologist has...

Dad killed, body left in park as burglars tie up his son miles away
The crimes are considered separate incidents but police are looking into links.

Blackout not expected in Hawaii even if lava reaches power plant, officials say
Officials in Hawaii said power customers shouldn't worry about a blackout.

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