Internet and Utility Software

ITS recommends the following software. Prefer that our Technical Staff installs it?
No problem, just ask the next time we are at your location or give us a call.

Internet Software

Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox (free)
Microsoft Internet Explorer (free)

Browser Add-Ins

Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)
Adobe Flash Player (free)
Note: update Flash Player separately in both Firefox and Internet Explorer

FTP Software

FileZilla (free)
BulletProof FTP

Java Software

Java Runtime

Utility Software

Anti-Pest/Anti-Spyware Software

Spybot Search & Destroy (free)
CoolWebSearch Removal Tool (free)

Anti-Spam Software

ITS Mail Guard anti-spam/anti-virus service
K9 (free)

Check often for updates; for example Adobe has updated Flash Player almost monthly lately, and there are often updates for Java and Spybot as well.

Click here to find an Internet service provider (ISP)

Mozilla Firefox

Installation instructions:

Get Firefox!
  1. Download the Firefox setup program using the above button.
  2. Open the setup program you downloaded to start the installation if it does not start automatically.
  3. If desired you can make ITS StartCenter your home page.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Install the latest version of Internet Explorer and security updates by using Windows Update.