Internet Search Tips

With a few adjustments to your query, search engines can usually return much better results. Most engines have their own "help" sections with advice, but here are a few general tips:

Use phrases

By default, search engines search for documents containing the words in your query. To search for a phrase, enclose the phrase in quotes. For example:

"what's new in IT"

This phrase will find the What's New In IT page our site first, but without the quotes our site is far down the list.

Be descriptive

Use specific keywords where possible, such as a brand name, town, or the like. For example:

its pc (not very specific)
its corporateclass pc (better!)

Exclude the rabble

To tell a search engine to not display pages that include a word, add a minus sign (-):

investments "sure thing" -"pyramid scheme"

Use "or" searches

You can also use logical operators in your query. For example, to search for a vacation in either London or Paris, use:

vacation London OR Paris