Spybot Search & Destroy

ITS recommends installing and reglarly running an anti-pest/anti-spyware program on all computers that have Internet access. Below are installation instructions for one such free program, Spybot Search & Destroy. Want our Technical Staff to install it? No problem, just ask the next time we are at your location or give us a call.

Note: updates are no longer available for older versions of Spybot! ITS recommends upgrading to the current version to catch any new pests. Also, Spybot S&D 1.6 is much faster than 1.5.

Downloading and Installing Spybot 1.6

The first time you use Spybot you must download and install it onto your computer (otherwise, see Updating and Running Spybot below). Version 1.6 will automatically upgrade over earlier versions if you already had it installed, however you may wish to uninstall 1.3 or earlier first to clean up a few shortcuts for the old version.

  1. You may wish to print this page to facilitate the installation/update process, as you may be asked to restart your PC.
  2. Download Spybot 1.6.2 or later (link opens a new window).
  3. Download the SPYBOTSD162.EXE setup program. If you are planning to...
    - Install it on this PC only: Choose Open or Launch if prompted. This will start the install right away after the download is complete.
    - Install it on all PCs on your network: Be sure to choose save to disk if prompted. Save the file to an empty folder on your network server. Double click the SPYBOTSD162.EXE file you downloaded to install Spybot.
  4. Accept the default language, English, to open the Setup program.
  5. Accept Spybot's license to continue.
  6. Accept the default installation location, C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy.
  7. On the Select Components screen you will be prompted to install the following
    • Icons for starting blind user mode (not necessary)
    • Additional languages (not necessary)
    • Skins to change appearance (not necessary)
    • Download updates immediately (recommended)
      - this option downloads the latest program updates during installation
    • Security Center integration (to Windows XP/Vista Security Center)
    • Separate Secure Shredder application (not necessary)
    • Explorer file scan plugin (in file context menu) (not necessary)
  8. Accept the default Start Menu folder location.
  9. For Additional Tasks, it is not necessary to create the Desktop and Quick Launch icons, as Spybot will be accessible from your Start menu. However you can create them if desired. ITS recommends you check Use Internet Explorer Protection (SDHelper). ITS recommends you not check Use System Settings Protection as that module conflicts with certain antivirus programs. In summary:
    • [uncheck] Desktop (optional)
    • [uncheck] Quick Launch (optional)
    • [check] Use Internet Explorer Protection (SDHelper)
    • [uncheck] Use System Settings Protection (TeaTimer)
  10. Click the Install button to complete the installation.
  11. Click Finish. You may be prompted to restart your PC. If so, do that, and then run Spybot Search & Destroy from your Start menu and continue with the next item in this list.
  12. The first time Spybot is run a configuration wizard appears, which you should follow. Click Create Registry Backup. This will take a few minutes. When it is finished the Next button activates.
  13. In the wizard, click Search for Updates to update Spybot. Select a server from your country (or a close one) and click Continue. Check all updates and click Download. Click Exit to leave the updater, and click Next in the wizard.
  14. Click Immunize This System to tweak Internet Explorer and Firefox settings for blocking certain spyware that automatically downloads itself, as well as advertising services that Spybot deems offensive. This can be undone later if desired. Click Next.
    Please note: if you have Internet Explorer 8, we recommend not immunizing at this time. If a large number of blocked sites are set up in IE8 it can take a very long time to open or open new tabs.
  15. If you do not want to read the tutorial, click Start Using This Program and skip to step 3 below.

Updating and Running Spybot 1.6

  1. Open Spybot using the Start/All Programs/Spybot - Search & Destroy/Spybot - Search & Destroy icon. If this is the first time you have run Spybot you should start with item #12, above.
  2. On the Spybot Search & Destroy main window click the Search for Updates button. Search for the latest updates whenever you run Spybot! This is the only way Spybot will protect you against the latest threats. A secondary update program will start. If the update window appears and disappears right away, there are no new updates to download.
    a) A list of updates will appear. Check all listed updates.
    b) Next to the Download Updates button is a dropdown showing the default download location. Select your country (or a close one) and click Continue. Check all updates and click Download. Spybot will usually exit and restart itself.
  3. Click the Check for Problems button. If you do not see a Check for Problems button click the Search & Destroy icon to the left of the Spybot window.
  4. Spybot will scan your system for over 175,000 known pests, adware, and spyware programs. This may take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the speed of your PC. A progress bar on the bottom of the window indicates the estimated time left.
  5. Once its scan is complete, the progress bar disappears and a list of found pests appears in the main window. You may click on each item, and then click the show/hide button (with two arrows) on the right side of the Spybot window to see a window with details of why Spybot considers it a threat. Note Spybot will likely flag several cookies...cookies in general are not a serious threat, however it is safe to remove them.
  6. Click the Fix Selected Problems button to have Spybot fix the problems it found. It may ask you to restart your computer to continue the scan/fix process.

Search for the latest updates whenever you run Spybot! This is the only way Spybot will protect you against the latest threats.