"Follow Me" Call Routing

The Artisoft TeleVantage phone system has the ability to use "follow me" call routing. This ensures users are contacted for important calls.

To set up custom call routing, log in to the Client software and click the Advanced button on the toolbar. Click the New button to create a new routing list, and name it "Follow Me."

The default Action, Call Me Where I Am, rings your extension. Click the Add button. In the dialog that appears select Call Me At Another Location. Click the button to the right of the Location line to pick a location from the contacts list, an extension, or enter any phone number. Enter the time to ring this number before giving up and moving on to the next entry. The recipient can also be prompted to accept/decline the call, or be forced to enter your password to accept the call, in case someone else answers the phone. If TeleVantage cannot reach you at this location, you can have the system play a message to the caller, for instance asking them if they would like to continue trying other locations, or simply leave a message. Click the OK button to save this new Action.

For multiple locations, keep adding Action entries to the list, for example, your home phone or cell phone. The list can be reordered using the arrows to the right of the Routing List dialog.

When done adding Actions to the routing list, you can specify what should occur if TeleVantage is unable to reach you. By default the system plays your active greeting and records a message.

For even more flexibility, you can set up a Call Rule to use your new "Follow Me" routing list only for certain callers, such as important clients or a spouse.

January 2002

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