The Best Phone System For You

With computers becoming more integral to company business every day, the best phone system for you may not be a "phone system" at all. As the small to medium business sector continues to grow, and there is more competitive pressure in the marketplace, there will be an unprecedented need for the adoption of technologies that enhance productivity. Companies should continue to look at ways to improve the level of service they provide customers.

Business depends on connections. How you keep in touch with customers, staff and vendors can determine your company's success and image. Your telephone connections can be your greatest advantage, or they can waste your most precious resources: time, money and productivity.

To meet your evolving needs, telephone systems need to offer many advanced features, but they must also suit the way that your company works. They need to improve the ways employees communicate both inside and outside the office. You need to be in control of your calls, messages, and accessibility - not vice versa.

Computer based telephone systems are dramatically improving the way business professionals communicate. Designed specifically for small- to medium-sized businesses and branch offices, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) combines the power of the desktop computer with the most advanced communications technology available. With a PC-based phone system you have unprecedented call management that lets you maximize your productivity while controlling costs. Such a system offers more functionality than a stand-alone PBX, and usually at a lower price for the amount of features offered.

Will Your Current System Stand the Test of Time?

Traditional phone system design limitations make it expensive to add features or to grow. It's not unusual for companies to throw systems out because their business has grown or they need additional features such as voice mail or auto attendant. Changes such as simply adding or moving a user may involve expensive service calls,
delaying or interrupting your business.

A quality PC-based phone system allows you to add, move or change users without costly service calls. Such scalable phone systems are designed to grow with your business. They let you easily expand your communication features without expensive upgrades.

Leverage Your Network for Your Phone System

Many companies have connected their PCs via a network. Does it not make sense to have your phone system utilize this existing technology? Cost effective, easy-to-use CTI applications that seamlessly integrate the power and intelligence of PCs with the flexible communication capabilities of a telephone system are now available. They combine ease of use, simple maintenance and unparalleled flexibility. A truly integrated phone system supports the way you work, whether you're in the office or on the road. You can take advantage of its many advanced features from your PC or from any telephone.

Use Your Personal Desktop

With a quality PC-based phone system you can easily manage multiple incoming calls, transfer calls and set up conference calls quickly. You access voice mail messages in the order you want - no more wading through messages sequentially, or listening to long messages just to get a phone number! When calls come in, a quality CTI phone system can tell you who is calling, letting you screen low-priority calls while staying immediately reachable for important ones. Above all, you'll never be out of touch. You can easily forward calls to an internal or external number, or have its "Follow Me" call routing try you at several locations as you travel. Maximize important connections while avoiding costly interruptions and "telephone tag." You have complete control over your accessibility, your messages and your time.

A PC-based phone system also saves money. There's no purchasing expensive proprietary telephones, basic features such as voice mail, or advanced features such as automatic call distribution (ACD). Its simplified system administration lets you add, move, or change users without costly service calls. A quality, scalable system is designed to grow with your business, allowing you to easily expand your system without expensive upgrades. And its intelligent routing automatically places long-distance calls through the least-cost carrier, realizing a tremendous savings on your phone bill.

Why CTI?

  • Employees and Staff can be more productive.
  • Receptionists can work more efficiently.
  • Remote Users can have better access.
  • Call Center Staff can work more professionally.
  • System Administrators can have better control.
  • Customers will like its friendly interaction.
  • Financial Managers will find it cost efficient.

May 1999

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