Web Browser Shortcut Keys

Here are some keystrokes for use in the new Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 browsers that can simplify your web browsing experience. Some of these keys may also work in earlier browser versions.

Keystroke Feature
CTRL+ENTER Add "http://www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of text in Address Bar...for example, typing "microsoft" and pressing CTRL+ENTER will go to the web site "http://www.microsoft.com"
ALT+ENTER Open the URL in the address bar in new tab
ALT+D Select the Address Bar
CTRL+left click Open the clicked-on link in new background tab
CTRL+SHIFT+left click Open the clicked-on link in new foreground tab
CTRL+T Open a new tab
CTRL+Q Quick Tab view to see thumbnails of all open tabs (IE only)
CTRL+TAB Switch to next tab
CTRL+SHIFT+TAB Switch to previous tab
CTRL+I Open Favorites (Bookmarks)
CTRL+H Open History list of previously visited sites
CTRL+B Open Favorites (Bookmarks) list
CTRL+Plus "Zoom in" to increase font size
CTRL+Minus "Zoom out" to reduce font size
CTRL+0 Return to 100% (normal) zoom
(note: IE requires the number 0 key not the number pad 0 key)
ALT key Press and release to temporarily display the menu bar (IE only)

October 2006

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