Internet Explorer 7 Will Automatically Download Nov. 1

On Tuesday, November 1, Microsoft will begin distributing Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) via Automatic Updates as a "high-priority" update. At that time PCs with Automatic Updates enabled will start to download the new browser. Fortunately administrators that have not yet had time to test IE7 and become familiar with its new interface will be able to block this download using a special utility.

On or shortly after November 1, this update process will take effect at random times on various PCs over the following several weeks, to ease the strain on Microsoft's download servers, so users may not see the update right away. Users who are set as an "administrator" on their own PC will be given a choice whether or not to install IE7. The new browser will not install without user consent. It is also worth noting that IE7 requires Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later editions of Windows, since Windows XP Service Pack 1 and earlier versions are no longer supported by Microsoft.

If your company wants to leave Automatic Updates enabled for your network but does not want to allow users to install IE7, Microsoft has released a blocker utility that can be run on each PC to prevent IE7 from installing. This utility should be run on all PCs by November 1 to prevent the automatic update from happening. If you would like assistance setting up this blocker utility on your network please contact our office.

Users or administrators who wish to install Internet Explorer 7 manually may download ITS's customized installer.

October 2006

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