Comparing PCs

Our customers frequently ask how ITS CorporateClass™ computers stack up against national brands. While we have much respect for vendors such as Dell, when comparing apples to apples we believe our computers provide superior long-term value.

We design our CorporateClass PCs for business critical service, and have spent a significant amount of time selecting components. We give special attention to factors such as reliability, expandability, performance, user comfort, warranty support, and included software.


To minimize the likelihood of a failure, our CorporateClass PCs use industry standard components that have demonstrated reliable performance and are made by reputable manufacturers. We take the time to research and select manufacturers that provide excellent warranty and driver support along with good value rather than simply selecting the least expensive solution available.

A CorporateClass PC meets today's business critical needs, yet also can accommodate future growth. We select the case and motherboard for our PCs to maximize future upgradeability. Plenty of expansion slots and drive bays are available for additional devices and the large power supply ensures enough capacity to power them. Our standard mid-tower case is easy to open and work on, and because our PCs use industry standard components, it is easy to upgrade the system.

Attention to Detail

Vendors working on a national scale are under immense pressure to cut costs in the low-margin PC hardware industry. Sometimes even one dollar of savings per unit will translate to thousands of dollars of extra income to the vendor after 10,000 PCs are shipped. Vendors are also pressured to provide the "latest and greatest" components to compete with other vendors. As they say, sometimes those on the cutting edge might get cut.

With that in mind, ITS selects the components of a CorporateClass PC to work together to maximize overall performance. While faster performance is a priority in our system design, we are not willing to sacrifice reliability to have the latest new devices in our systems.


One obvious difference between our CorporateClass PCs and many vendors is our use of AMD's Athlon processor family. As we discussed in our Trends column two years ago, the AMD processors are very competitive with Intel's Pentium 4 offerings, providing higher performance, typically at a lower cost. An Athlon XP 1700+ CPU, for example, benchmarks at approximately 14% faster than a 1.7 GHz Pentium 4 chip. So when comparing prices one should compare a PC with an AMD 1700+ to a PC with a 1.8 or 1.9 GHz Pentium 4.

In addition ITS provides one point of contact for computing solutions. If you do encounter a problem with a PC, there is no need to deal with several vendors to find the cause and obtain a solution, with the resulting delays.

We hope this provides some insight into the value of our CorporateClass PCs, and our company.

January 2002

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