What Makes an ITS CorporateClass™ PC?

Building PCsWe design our CorporateClass PCs for business critical service, and have spent a significant amount of time hand-picking components for our PCs, which are built in our office lab. We believe our CorporateClass PC is superior to most mass-market and discount PCs. We give special attention to:

Reliability To minimize the possibility of a failure, our CorporateClass PCs use industry standard components that have demonstrated reliable performance and are made by reputable manufacturers. We take the time to research and select manufacturers that provide excellent warranty and driver support. We list the brand name and model of the components used in our quotes, rather than showing non-specific components such as "sound card" or "network card." This way, our clients know up front that they are receiving quality components, backed by reputable companies.
Expandability A CorporateClass PC will meet today's business critical needs, and also has the capability to accommodate future needs as business and technology grow. We select the case and motherboard for our PCs to maximize future upgradeability. Plenty of expansion slots and drive bays are available for additional devices, and the large power supply ensures enough capacity to power them. Our standard mid-tower case is easy to open and work on, and because our PCs use industry standard components, it is easy to upgrade the system.
Performance We select components of a CorporateClass PC to work together to maximize overall performance. While faster processing speed is a priority in our system design, we are not willing to sacrifice reliability to have the latest new device in our systems. We choose components that prove themselves as reliable, industry standard devices before using them in our PCs.
User Comfort Monitors are selected for crisp, flicker-free display. Keyboards are selected for comfort and solid tactile feedback. This means users can work on a CorporateClass PC for longer periods of time without fatigue or eyestrain.
Warranty ITS provides a one-year, on-site warranty on our CorporateClass PCs, with extended warranties available at the time of purchase. This means we will come to your location to replace any defective components, should that situation arise. While similar to on-site warranties provided by market share leaders, there is a huge difference in the service ITS provides.

For example, we can discuss a situation where a PC's hard drive is failing. Normally, some major mail-order vendors will come out and replace the hard drive, tell the user to reload the system software originally provided with the computer, and take the defective drive with them when they leave. The user is left with an empty drive and can look forward to several hours reinstalling the operating system and software and restoring a backup of the data. While our warranty also only covers replacing the drive, ITS also has the knowledge and the ability to copy as much of the old drive to the new drive as is possible before the drive is replaced. In addition, we can attempt to recover data from the defective drive on site, or if the drive is seriously damaged we can send it out to a data-recovery service. If the data cannot be recovered from the old drive, ITS can also install the operating system and software for you and configure the PC to your satisfaction at our normal billing rates.
Software ITS will always provide our clients with legal licensing for the software we sell. We will not substitute Academic License, NFR (not-for-resale) or Open License software except when appropriate.