What's New: Six Years Later, 802.11n Wireless Finally Approved

A private announcement sent Friday morning indicates the 802.11n Task Group has approved the high speed wireless standard, six years to the day after the group was started on September 11, 2003. 802.11n has been commonly used in higher speed home and office wireless products for several years, in "draft" mode, with vendors promising to provide firmware updates to the finalized standard, if necessary. Such products can deliver from 150Mbps to somewhat over 200Mbs, when two data streams are used. The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry consortium, plans to update its Wi-Fi certification program at the end of the month to begin certifying products. Since all recent updates to the standard are optional features, most products are expected to easily qualify.

Monday, Sep 14, 2009 09:08 am CDT

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