What's New: Microsoft Replacing OneCare With Free Antivirus Software

Microsoft announced they will end retail sales of its Windows Live OneCare software in June, and replace it with a free antivirus program by the end of 2009. The new software, code-named Morro, is based on the OneCare antivirus engine but will not include the backup and systems management capabilities of OneCare, but therefore uses less resources. OneCare will continue to be sold online until the release of Morro, and subscriptions will be honored until they expire.

According to Microsoft, half of all Windows PCs do not use antivirus software, and in emerging markets that rate is higher still. Microsoft hopes that by providing free software they will reduce the threat of malware worldwide, and therefore reduce the amount of spam sent by infected PCs. However, the new software will not be bundled with Windows.

Ironically security vendors scrambled to introduce competitors to OneCare when it was introduced, with its "suite" of features, online ties, and three-PC licensing model.

Wednesday, Nov 19, 2008 10:36 am CST

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