What's New: Increase Productivity With Larger Monitor

According to a recent study by James Anderson, a professor of communications at the University of Utah, users with dual 20" LCD or one 24" LCD screen significantly boosted productivity. The study showed dual 20" screens boosted productivity by 44% in text editing and 29% in spreadsheet editing over a single 18" monitor. A single 24" monitor resulted in even more performance gains of 52% (text) and 26% (spreadsheet) over the 18" monitor. This echoes our The ITS Connection article, "Increase Productivity By Increasing Screen Size."

Interestingly, users with a single 26" monitor actually showed a dropoff in speed, implying there is a point of diminishing returns as users manage multiple, and even larger, windows.

Monday, Mar 24, 2008 10:06 am CDT

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