What's New: IE8 - Who Should Avoid Internet Explorer 8?

Microsoft is pushing out Internet Explorer 8 via Automatic Updates. But not everyone should install it.

When Internet Explorer 7 came out three years ago, it brought large internal changes to the browser, which caused problems for other programs that used Internet Explorer's browser engine internally. We expect similar issues with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). In particular, users running Intuit programs like QuickBooks and Quicken tend to have problems. In the past, Intuit has provided updates for their latest version and perhaps one or two previous versions, but users should plan to update that before installing Internet Explorer 8, and contact the publishers of any other critical software first as well.

Also, ITS has found many IE7 users have one or more toolbars, such as those from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, an antivirus program, or others. ITS recommends checking each to see if they are compatible with IE8, and uninstalling or upgrading those that are not.

Thursday, Apr 30, 2009 11:48 am CDT

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