What's New: IBM To Build Massive Supercomputer For Lawrence Livermore

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has hired IBM to build a supercomputer more powerful than the top 500 existing supercomputers. The new system, Sequoia, will be capable of 20 petaflops, 20 times the current fastest supercomputer, or twenty quadrillion floating point calculations per second. Sequoia will use 1.6 million CPU cores, 1.6 TB of memory (1600 GB), and be housed in 96 racks. The PowerPC CPU is under development but will likely have eight or sixteen processing cores per CPU. Sequoia is expected to use 6 megawatts of power by itself. The government plans to use Sequoia for nuclear stockpile research.

Tuesday, Feb 3, 2009 11:12 am CST

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