What's New: Free Photoshop Express from Adobe

Adobe today released a beta (test) version of Photoshop Express, a free online picture editing web-based utility. The web site is aimed at millions of average consumers that just want a simple way to touch up, store, and edit photos, and find typical desktop software inconvenient or too complicated. As a web-based utility, the site can be accessed with virtually any web browser that supports Adobe's Flash plugin. The beta release of Photoshop Express supports Picasa, Facebook, and Photobucket sites, with Flickr support planned.

Photoshop Express is Adobe's first serious effort at offering software as a web service. The company plans to offer more advanced features to users who pay a yearly fee, for example, increased storage, printing service, and the ability to work with additional file formats.

Users may want to carefully read Adobe's license terms of service, however...keen reviewers have noted that marking photos as public will give Adobe a "perpetual, irrevocable" license to distribute and include them in future works and media.

Thursday, Mar 27, 2008 09:39 am CDT

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