What's New: Firefox 3.5 Released Today

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 3.5, the much-anticipated new version of its popular web browser, midday today Chicago time. Previously numbered "3.1," Mozilla says this release has enough significant new features to warrant a bump in version numbers. Firefox 3.5 features a new, faster JavaScript engine that should speed up many online sites and applications such as e-mail and Google Apps, as well as an improved privacy mode for web browsing.

Firefox 3.5 will be released for Windows, MacOS and Linux, and will be available for download from Mozilla's web site. Existing users will be able to grab it by clicking "Check for Updates" on the Help menu within the browser.

Firefox today is used by 22.5% of users, according to the latest estimates.

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2009 09:06 am CDT

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