What's New: Endless XP SP3 Reboots Are OEM's Fault, Microsoft Says

Microsoft acknowledges that some users who installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 report an "endless reboot" scenario, but say the problem lies with computer manufacturers who installed Windows XP improperly. Microsoft actually discovered the problem after XP Service Pack 2 was released several years ago. Reportedly, the problem was created when the manufacturer used an "image" of Windows created on a PC with an Intel CPU, and reused the same image on PCs with an AMD CPU. The image tries to load a driver for the Intel CPU, which fails, causing the reboot.

ITS CorporateClass PCs do not have this problem. Reportedly, many Hewlett-Packard desktop PCs do have this problem, while HP laptops do not appear to be affected.

Monday, May 12, 2008 11:32 am CDT

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