What's New: Comcast To Increase Speeds

Comcast announced that it started offering 50 Mbit download speeds in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, allowing users to download a complete HD movie in 10 minutes. This is a little over three times faster than current network download speeds of 16 Mbits per second, or about 33 times faster than T1 download speeds. Comcast plans to offer the service to 20% of its customer base by the end of the year, and eventually offering speeds of 100 to 160 Mbits/sec. At $150 per month, the new service may be out of range of many home users, which typically pay around $50 for Internet from Comcast. Many businesses would need to pay for custom cable installations in order to obtain service, which can cost several thousand dollars if cable is not installed in or near the business's building.

Thursday, Apr 3, 2008 04:35 pm CDT

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