What's New: Microsoft to Focus on Services

On the heels of its "Live Software" announcement, a Bill Gates memo has surfaced calling on Microsoft staff to focus heavily on software-as-a-service rather than the traditional purchase/installation model. The new model would include providing software as a subscription service accessed over the Internet.

Windows Live, in beta testing now, enables users to build a personalized Web portal that includes links to their own PC/network along with e-mail, an IM client with collaborative technology for sorting contact data, and enhanced local and Internet search technology. Longer term Microsoft plans to move Hotmail and MSN users over to Windows Live e-mail. Office Live, an ad-supported free service, will enter beta testing in early 2006. That service is expected to provide web and e-mail services to businesses, along with hosted CRM and file sharing that sounds similar to SharePoint.

Wednesday, Nov 9, 2005 09:33 am CST

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