What's New: Google and Sun To Partner on Software

Google and Sun Microsystems announced this week that Google will include the Java Runtime library with the Google toolbar, and Sun will provide the Google toolbar as an option when users install Java. Google also hinted it is looking at expanding distribution of OpenOffice, the freeware software suite that competes with Microsoft Office and is the basis for Sun's low-cost StarOffice product.

After all the controversy over Microsoft's cyclic inclusion/exclusion and modifications to their Windows version of Java Runtime, and the resulting billion-dollar lawsuit by Sun, this move should assist both Google and Sun. Google will help ensure more PCs get the latest Java Runtime versions so they can enhance their site and software, and Sun gets more PCs running Java and more publicity for OpenOffice. Pundits suggest the moves are to help combat Microsoft's dominant market share.

Thursday, Oct 6, 2005 11:00 am CDT

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