What's New: PDF Compatibility For Office 12

Microsoft this week announced it will add native support for creating PDF files to Office 12. PDF is Adobe's Portable Document Format, a world standard for creating high quality documents that can be read on multiple computer platforms. Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel will be able to save a document in PDF format using the "save as" feature.

Currently Office users must use a third party program like Adobe Acrobat or one of several freeware "print-to-PDF" programs in order to convert a document to PDF format. This capability is another sign that Microsoft is bowing to pressure to be more open with its programs and more compatible with existing standards. Recent versions of Office included a Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, which was essentially a competitor to Acrobat but has not been widely used.

Microsoft expects Office 12 to be released in 2006.

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2005 05:15 pm CDT

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