What's New: Virus Warning: Zotob

Already several variants exist of the Zotob and Esbot viruses that are this week's media frenzy. The vulnerability they exploit is in Windows 2000 and later, however as a practical matter only Windows 2000 and to a lesser extent Windows XP without service pack 2 are at risk. Also with the exception of one e-mail borne variant, companies with a firewall/router or personal PCs using Windows' built-in firewall software are protected.

Of course ITS recommends keeping your antivirus software up to date. We configure our clients' software to check for updates automatically several times per day.

In addition we suggest users install all "critical" updates released by Microsoft. Windows can be configured to check for these updates automatically, however, we recommend not automatically installing them so any potential problems with the updates do not just magically "appear." Instead users can set Windows to check for updates and notify the user when an update is available.

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2005 10:35 am CDT

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