What's New: Correcting Outlook Appointment Times

Due to the time zone change, users may find that appointments in their Outlook calendars between March 11 and April 1 are shown one hour off from the correct time. The cause is that Outlook records appointments in UTC (Greenwich) time, and adjusts for time zones when showing the appointments. Microsoft has published a utility to correct appointments during the "new" daylight savings time weeks. There are some things to keep in mind however, before running the utility:

  • Update all operating systems (Windows Server, Windows XP, etc.) first
  • Organizations with Exchange Server should update Exchange first
  • Do not run the utility twice, to update the server and the workstations, or times may end up one hour off again due to the double correction
  • Microsoft's Time Zone Data Update Tool will show what appointments it thinks need to be corrected, and allow the user to check/uncheck them. Not all selections are correct...in particular we have seen it want to shift Halloween to 11:00 pm on October 30.
  • Read through the technote information above for more details

Monday, Mar 12, 2007 11:18 am CDT

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