What's New: iPods, MP3 Players Infected

In recent days both Apple and restaurateur McDonald's have admitted they shipped music players that contained a virus. The McDonald's gaffe was confined to 10,000 MP3 players given away in Japan, but Apple's delivery affected "less than 1 percent of all Video iPods available for purchase after Sept. 12, 2006." The infected iPods contained a Windows virus that could infect a PC when the iPod was connected to the system.

Unfortunately for Apple, they tried to deflect some of the blame onto Microsoft for "not being more hardy against such viruses," and there has been something of a backlash pointing out that the blame should lie with Apple's manufacturing and quality control process.

As devices get more complicated it is more and more likely that products like phones and MP3 players could be compromised with viruses and malware. ITS feels this is one example of why it is crucial for all users to have up to date anti-virus software.

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2006 02:40 pm CDT

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