What's New: Study: Display Size Matters

A new study concludes users of a large monitor can be up to 65 percent more productive than users with a 17-inch monitor. The study, funded by Apple, compared a 30-inch display to a standard-size display. Productivity gains of 40 to 65 percent were measured in a wide range of applications with tasks such as dragging and dropping objects, and cutting and pasting data. The study noted, "individually, the productivity gains may seem almost imperceptible...Cumulated over time they can result in an ROI of thousands of dollars per year."

The study also noted that an LCD screen typically results in less eyestrain (they also use less power). ITS has written about increasing resolution/screen size before, but another alternative to one large monitor is two smaller monitors, which allows users to open a web browser or e-mail program on one monitor and a spreadsheet on the other, for example.

Friday, Oct 13, 2006 10:05 am CDT

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