What's New: Airlines Ban Dell, Apple Laptops

Travelers should check with their airline before planning to carry a laptop on board a plane.

Following Dell's battery recall, some airlines are banning or restricing laptop usage on planes. Since our story the battery recall has expanded to other vendors that use Sony batteries, including several Apple laptop models. For example, Quantas requires travelers to use cabin power (with the battery removed) or battery power (only), but not both. Korean Air has gone a step further and has banned all Dell laptops on its planes; Apple laptops are allowed but only if their batteries removed. Virgin Atlantic now requires Dell and Apple laptop batteries affected by the recall be removed, wrapped, and stored in checked luggage, thus laptops will only work on higher-class seats with power outlets.

Last month Dell recalled several million laptop batteries made by Sony, due to risk of overheating and fire. Since then other laptop makers using Sony batteries have also issued recalls. The problem is due to a manufacturing defect in the charging system of the battery.

Tuesday, Sep 26, 2006 11:14 am CDT

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