What's New: Microsoft Readies 13 Patches For Word, Windows

Microsoft has announced next Tuesday's monthly release of fixes via Windows Update will include thirteen updates, to patch vulnerabilities in Word, Windows, and some changes to how Internet Explorer acts with ActiveX content such as Flash or Quicktime movies.

The Word fix is in response to a vulnerability that had been recently used in highly targeted e-mail attacks. A user would have had to open a malicious Word file to be infected. ITS continues to suggest users do not open unexpected attachments even if they recognize the "from" address. Since the "from" address on e-mail is easily faked, you should always be suspicious of an attachment you are not expecting.

The Internet Explorer update is part of an effort to change how IE displays content on web sites, as a result of a patent lawsuit by the University of California and Eolas Technologies. Until web sites are reprogrammed, users may need to click on content such as a video clip before it will play.

Thursday, Jun 8, 2006 03:07 pm CDT

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