What's New: Microsoft Delays Windows Vista

Microsoft will delay the consumer version of Windows Vista until January 2007, the company said Tuesday, while committing to launching the business version in November of this year. Windows Vista, the next and oft-delayed version of the desktop Windows operating system, will be available for new consumer PCs and for those looking to upgrade relatively new Windows XP computers starting next year, almost five and a half years after the release of Windows XP. Reportedly Microsoft and many PC manufacturers wanted more time to ensure quality testing before a holiday rush strained PC manufacturer's tech support lines.

Windows Vista will feature a new interface with transparent windows and 3D scrolling, one of the "pillars" that will actually make it into the finished product. Vista will also feature enhanced multimedia and search technology.

Recently Microsoft announced that it will offer six versions of Windows Vista, three for consumers, two for business users, and an inexpesive, slimmed-down version targeted for emerging markets where piracy is still rampant.

Tuesday, Mar 21, 2006 08:45 pm CST

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