System Maintenance Services

Recognizing your business relies on its computer systems, ITS provides a selection of low cost, fixed-rate services that will provide you peace of mind. With these services clients know their network has been hardened against intrusion, their data is being correctly protected by backup procedures, and their antivirus software provides the best possible protection.

Both services provide for routine maintenance on a monthly or quarterly basis, in lieu of a client using their own staff's time or hiring a full time IT technician to sort out what updates are necessary. Regularly scheduled fixed-cost visits may also lower costs for other services as well since our staff would already be on site, as well as allow for more accurate budgeting throughout the year. These services can be scheduled independently or combined for greater savings!

For more information on our System Maintenance Services, or to obtain a specific quote for your company, please contact our office.

Security Maintenance Service

Services Include
  • Install security updates for Windows and major software
  • Verify file server(s) are secured
  • Verify router/firewall is secured

Recent global attacks such as the "Blaster" worm highlight the necessity of preventing unauthorized access to your network. This worm, for example, used a known exploit to infect PCs accessible from the Internet. Only PCs which had the latest security updates to Windows were protected. Similar vulnerabilities are discovered in Windows and other OS and application software on a regular basis, many of which allow an unauthorized person or program access to a PC and its contents.

ITS assures clients' systems are kept up-to-date with the latest security updates for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and other major software. With these services ITS helps provide peace of mind for clients who will know their systems are hardened against outside attacks, and network-spread virus infections that seek to exploit known vulnerabilities.

Backup & Antivirus Integrity Service

Services Include
  • Maintain off-site backup media
  • Clean tape drive
  • Verify backup is functioning correctly
  • Verify correct data is backed up
  • Test tape restore process
  • Verify antivirus software is updating properly
  • Perform virus scan on all PCs

This fixed-fee service helps assure maximum system integrity and reliability. With this service ITS helps provide peace of mind for clients who will know their backup and antivirus software is functioning properly. The last thing a company wants is to discover their backup has not been working as they thought...for months!