ITS Mail Guard Feature Comparison

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Below we compare features for the two levels of our
ITS Mail Guard anti-spam service. Features marked with
an * are distinctive to ITS.

In addition ITS can help "lock down" your mail server so it only accepts mail from ITS Mail Guard. This prevents spammers from simply bypassing our system and delivering directly to your server, a common tactic to bypass filtering systems.

Features Bronze Gold
Message Protection
Phone support * Y Y
Requires annual billing * N N
Discount for annual billing * Y Y
Inbound e-mail filtering Y Y
Daily summary of quarantined messages via e-mail Y Y
Block directory harvest and denial of service attacks Y Y
Block viruses Y Y
Block phishing Y Y
Block spyware Y Y
Behavior based (zero hour) detection and blocking Y Y
Outbound e-mail processing   Y
E-mail encryption to/from specific domains   Y
Additional virus scanning   Y
Content Management
Manage e-mail attachments (limits, blocking, handling)   Y
Content rules for inbound and outbound messages   Y
Pattern matching rules   Y
Compliance rules (credit card numbers, SSNs)   Y
Message Archiving
Archiving of inbound/outbound messages (1-10 years)   Y
Search & reporting tools   Y
User access to personal message archive   Y