TeleVantage Contact Center: Extensive Reports


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The Contact Center Reporter enables you to run more than a dozen detailed reports on your call center activity. Based on Microsoft Excel, it presents information-packed graphs in colorful, easy-to-read format, for any time period you want, automatically updated with the latest data. Keep track of your callers' wait times, how many calls are being abandoned, how long calls are taking once connected, and more. Discover who your busiest and most effective agents are. Quantify what times of day have your heaviest volumes, and whether you need to add more trunks to the system. Let your business grow with help from the Contact Center Reporter. (Click graphic to enlarge).

Sample Report


Special reports to track advertising campaign success

Planning a marketing blitz? Keep track of results to the second with TeleVantage's specialized reports. Have agents mark campaign-related calls with an account code, then use the Call Volume By Account Code Report to track them. Or, place an ad with a phone number that TeleVantage recognizes as the contact "Campaign," then use the Call Volume By Identified Caller Report to track all calls from "Campaign." And if your agents are placing outbound calls, use the Call Trends Report to track just those.

Compare multiple queues

The Queue Comparison Report gives you an easy way to find out where your business' energies are being drawn and react quickly to trends. It measures the performance of one queue against another in terms of total calls, average wait time, and the breakdown between calls handled, abandoned and sent to voice mail. Compare sales queues for different product lines, or your sales queue with your customer support queue. Nothing beats having the numbers in front of you.

Report on your regular phone traffic too

Most reports that can be run to track an agent can also be run to track non-agent users. For example, the User Activity Report shows how much time a user is spending in each personal status. Many queue-level reports can also be run against workgroups, such as the Average Wait Time and Call Volume by Time of Day Report. And the valuable Trunk Performance Report lets you measure the traffic on your phone system as a whole, giving you insight into the growth patterns of your overall business.


  • Activity History by Agent - Shows an agent's activity history by displaying a row for every change in agent state, and how long the agent spent in each state, for all the queues to which the agent belongs.
  • Activity History by Queue - Shows a history of all of the agent activity in a queue by displaying a row for every change in agent state, and how long each agent in the queue spent in each state. Shows data for all agent activity in the queue.
  • Agent Performance Trends - number of calls and average talk time for a specific agent.
  • Agent Performance Trends by Queue - zeroes in on an agent's performance for a specific queue.
  • Average Wait Time and Call Volume by Time of Day - average wait time and inbound call volume displayed by hour
  • Contact Center Queue Information - Shows all vital information for every Contact Center Queue and a breakdown of information on each Agent in those queues.
  • Call Log - By date range, shows an agent's or queue's call log entries.
  • Call Trends - total outbound calls by agents in a queue. For example, measure the performance of a sales calling campaign.
  • Call Volume by Account Code - total calls and total talk time for calls using each account code. Track any type of call for which agents have entered an account code, for example a recurring support problem or calls relating to an ad campaign.
  • Call Volume by Identified Caller - by TeleVantage contact, shows total calls a user, queue, or workgroup received and average talk duration. For example, if you created 5 contacts, each to track a different promotional advertisement code, this report would show how many people called for each promotion.
  • Cumulative Calls and Average Talk Time by Agent - by agent, shows total calls made and received and average talk time for any queue or workgroup.
  • Custom Data - total calls and average talk time associated with calls from a user, queue, or all system calls, that are identified by a specific custom data variable. For example, an auto attendant could be configured to set the "Product" custom variable to "Apples" or "Oranges" based on the menu choice selected. This report would show how many callers selected Apples versus Oranges, and the average length of those calls.
  • Inbound Call Outcome Trends - total calls handled by one agent, multiple agents, abandoned, sent to voice mail, and the total number of calls for any queue.
  • Inbound Call Volume Trends - total calls a queue received, average wait time, and longest wait time.
  • Queue Comparison - compares all queues on total number of calls, average wait time, and total calls handled, abandoned, and sent to voice mail. For example, you can see how well your sales queue performs compared to your technical support queue.
  • Service Level - by wait time, shows the percentage of calls answered, abandoned, or sent to voice mail during a time range for a queue.
  • Trunk Performance - by hour, shows the average number of inbound and outbound calls handled by the trunks you specify and the percentage of these trunks in use. Tells you if you need to add or remove trunks from your TeleVantage system, and can also help you predict future trunk performance.
  • User Activity - pie charts showing the percentage of an agent's time spent in active versus other statuses. Shows the kinds of calls that make up the active calls.
  • Wait by Outcome - how long callers waited before their calls were handled, abandoned, or sent to voice mail.