Domain Name Registration and Renewal Policies

The following policies apply to all domain names registered through ITS.

Domain Name Registrations

There is no 30 day money back guarantee for new Domain Name Registrations orders. There is no grace period or refund on renewals for Domain Names. Basically, once you order the domain, or if you allow the domain to renew, there is no refund. Failure to cancel in writing 7 days before renewal date will result in the non-refundable renewal of the domain name registration. E-mail or fax are acceptable contact methods.

Requesting Non-renewals

Note: All domain registrations will automatically renew unless we are notified to not renew a domain name.

Please contact ITS Technical Support in writing 7 days in advance on your domain's renewal date to request non-renewal. This gives us enough time to contact the registrar before the renewal is processed automatically.