FreeBSD UNIX Platform

Our latest generation of Virtual Private Servers feature our Virtual Private Servers Platform. At the core of this new technology is the FreeBSD 6 operating system.

FreeBSD is an advanced BSD UNIX operating system developed and maintained by a large team of individuals. FreeBSD encompasses many years of development by some of the industry's best software engineers. The result is an extremely powerful and stable operating system. Its open source nature ensures that these development efforts will be continued well into the future.

Each Virtual Private Server is hosted on an Internet server featuring powerful hardware, innovative software, and fast and reliable network connectivity. The server operating system and various Internet services are partitioned into a limited number of Virtual Private Servers. Because it is the operating system and Internet services that are partitioned (not just the web server), each VPS operates independently from the other Virtual Private Servers that share the same physical hardware.

  VPS Hardware
Operating System FreeBSD 6 UNIX
CPU Dual Intel Pentium 4 Xeon CPUs
RAM 4 GB DDR ECC memory
Drive Space 3 10,000 RPM SCSI Seagate HDDs (RAID 1 plus backup)

On a VPS, the operating system and common services are automatically monitored and updated with the latest security fixes.

Our Managed Private Server (MPS) use very similar hardware, but there is only one account per server, so customers have extra performance capability but keep the "managed server" aspect of our Advanced Hosting plans.