Compare Advanced Web Hosting Plans: Linux

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The following table compares the features for our managed Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans. Let ITS worry about managing the data center, network, hardware, core software applications, security updates, and data backups, so you can focus on your web site and applications. Our Add-Ons page includes additional capabilities and pricing.

Our Linux VPS plans provide a dedicated virtual server environment on powerful shared hardware. Our Linux VPS system is based on the Debian or CentOS (based on Red Hat) operating system to deliver the best of open source technology and the stability of a true enterprise-class platform. Other operating systems are available upon request. Compare Advanced Hosting to Shared Hosting.

Note: we have discontinued the Linux VPS 1 level server in favor of our Shared Plus 5 Site plan which we feel is more appropriate and higher performance for 5 or more web sites that don't actually need a virtual private server.

  Linux VPS 2 Linux VPS 3 Linux VPS 4 Linux VPS 5 Linux VPS 6
Resources/Technical Features
Disk Space 140 GB 200 GB 300 GB 500 GB 600 GB
Bandwidth (per month) No charge No charge No charge No charge No charge
Custom Domain Names or Web Sites 20 40 80 160 320
Host multiple web sites
Dedicated IP address
Dedicated IPv6 Address per site
Additional IPv4 Addresses
(see notes)
up to 9 (10 total) up to 19 (20 total) up to 29 (30 total) up to 39 (40 total) up to 49 (50 total)
CPU cores 2 4 8 16 24
Physical memory 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
Instant upgrade/downgrade plans
Independent server OS and all processes
Can install own applications
RPM open source package manager
Server Access
Secure FTP Access
Web-based control panel
Web-based control panel logins for each site (e.g. separate web developers)
Telnet/SSH shell access (admin user)
Root access
Fully virtualized hardware and storage
CentOS Linux operating system (other operating systems available)
Intel server hardware
Physically diverse fiber connections
Backup: daily disk copy
Backup: daily database export and copy
Backup: copy maintained off-site for disaster recovery
Backup: on-demand user backup of an entire site and database(s)
Massive, redundant data center UPSs and generators
24/7 network monitoring
Web Services
Full cgi-bin access
Access/edit configuration files
Apache module support
WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. support
Mail Services
Secure/encrypted email connections - No Limits - - No Limits -
Personalized POP e-mail boxes (total users) - No Limits - - No Limits -
E-mail aliases/forwarding (see notes) - No Limits - - No Limits -
Configurable e-mail quota (disk space) limits per user
Server-based anti-spam features
Server-based anti-spam blocklists
Advanced anti-spam see ITS Mail Guard see ITS Mail Guard
FTP Services
Anonymous FTP
Non-anonymous FTP accounts - No Limits - - No Limits -
SFTP or FTPS support
Unencrypted FTP support
Upload quota (disk space) limits per user
Web Development Tools
PHP 7.x with PHP-FPM, opcode caching
PHP 5.5-5.6 with PHP-FPM, opcode caching
PHP 5.2-5.3 with PHP-FPM
PHP 5.3 with PHP-FPM
Python, Ruby
SSL (includes Let's Encrypt certificates)
SSL (user may add a custom SSL certificate)
SSL cert management via control panel
MySQL on your server
Statistics (Log Analyzer) Packages
Raw log files
Google Analytics or other external


ITS highly recommends against, actively discourages, and does not support, forwarding e-mails to a mailbox on another service, even if ITS Mail Guard is used. It is increasingly likely the target service may detect externally forwarded mail as forged and blacklist our mail system.

One IP address is included; additional IP addresses are available as shown for an additional charge

When installing a custom SSL certificate, a unique IP address is required for maximum backwards browser/OS compatibility. Server Name Indication (SNI) is supported on all plans.