Domain Registration Transfer Form

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ITS now supports transferring domain registration from Network Solutions and other registrars to ITS. Save 40% off Network Solutions' renewal rates!

Please fill out this form to transfer your domain registration to ITS. We highly recommend that you use the exact same information that is on your current domain registration, to avoid any potential delays in the process. This information can be changed later. Things to check before filling out this form:

  • The e-mail address for the administrative contact on your current registration must be correct.
  • Your domain must not be marked "locked" which will prevent the transfer (some registrars use the terms "clientTransferProhibited" or "registrar-lock"; Network Solutions labels it "Domain Protect" in their control panel).
  • We will need an "authorization code" from your existing registrar in order to transfer your domain (most will show or e-mail this to you via a link in their control panel)

Please note this process does not transfer your web site hosting account to us, which will remain with your current provider. If you want ITS to also host your domain, you must also fill out our web hosting order form.

If you have any questions please contact Sales. Transferred domains will be registered through Melbourne IT Limited, for which we will bill you $24per year, with a one-time transfer fee of $15.

Once a transfer request is received and processed, the current administrative contact for your domain will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to approve the transfer.

Please note, all orders will be subject to confirmation before fulfillment.

Step 1

Domain Name www.
We can transfer .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .us domain names to our system.
Private Registration
Normally ICANN requires domain registration information be published on the Internet. With our Private Registration option, included in all registrations, we can hide your contact information and filter out any spam e-mail, postal mail, and phone calls, passing only legitimate contacts on to you.
Authorization Code/
Special Instructions
Contract Length 2 Years
Your account will be billed now, and you will be invoiced when the domain automatically renews every 2 years.
First Name
Last Name
If you do not have a company name, use your name. For transfers, we suggest you use the same company name on record with InterNIC.
Phone ( )
Fax ( )
E-Mail Address
Credit Card (Discover/MC/Visa/AmEx)
Invoice (for our mutual protection we can only accept invoiced orders from existing clients who already have terms with us)

We would also appreciate knowing how you found out about our web hosting services:


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