Domain Registration Transfers

ITS customers can now transfer domain registrations from Network Solutions and other registrars to ITS. Save up to 40% off Network Solutions' renewal rates!

If you have an existing web site and would like to have it hosted by ITS, you do not need to transfer the domain registration (though we'd like you to!). Simply sign up for one of our hosting plans and elect to transfer your site to ITS during the ordering process. Transferring your domain registration is a separate process, so if you wish to do both you need to fill out both order forms.

Details & Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain Registrar?

A Registrar is an organization or company that is accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to provide registration services. We provide registration services in partnership with Internet Names WorldWide, a division of Melbourne IT Ltd., and TuCows. The first registrar in the United States was Network Solutions.

What does it cost to transfer registration to ITS?

ITS charges just $24per year, with a one-time $15 transfer fee.

My web site is already hosted with ITS. What does transferring my domain registration do?

If you registered your .com, .net, or .org domain name with Network Solutions (or another registrar) you can transfer that registration to ITS. Instead of paying Network Solutions $35 per year, ITS charges just $24per year.

This also makes ITS your single point of contact for web hosting questions.

Will my site experience any downtime?

Your web site should experience zero downtime as a result of this transfer. Your web site will not move to a new hosting service, we are just changing which agency registers that name to you.

Will ITS host my web site after this transfer?

This transfer process will not change where your site is hosted. If your site is hosted by another service and you would like ITS to host your site, please also sign up for a hosting plan, and select to transfer your existing domain to us.

There are ___ months remaining until my domain name is up for renewal. Does that carry over?

In accordance with standard policies, up to (but not more than) one year of time will transfer to the new registar. Therefore if you have 6 months left, with our 2-year renewal period you will have 2 years and 6 months until your next renewal (the same date, but two years later). If your domain has 18 months left, after transferring the registration to us you will have 3 years remaining. To see when your domain is up for renewal, see below.

There are only 15 days remaining until my domain name expires. Is that a problem?

If your domain name expires in less than 15 days, we strongly recommend renewing it with your current registar to avoid any downtime or loss of your domain name if there are any delays with the transfer and the domain expires before it is transferred. In this case we suggest renewing for one year, then transferring the registration to ITS afterwards, since up to one year transfers into us (your next renewal would be in three years). To see when your domain is up for renewal, see below.

Can I transfer a newly registered domain name?

By ICANN policy, domain name registrations cannot be transferred within 60 days after the initial registration.

How does the transfer approval process work?

The administrative contact of your domain will receive an e-mail asking to approve the transfer, with instructions. Once that is approved your current registrar will likely ask that contact to approve the transfer as well. Care should be taken to read these instructions since unnecessary delays may result if approval is not provided in a timely manner. If the administrative contact does nothing or does not respond in time, the transfer request will be rejected, and we must wait 30 days before submitting another request. The process may take from 2-10 days to complete, depending largely on the response time of the administrative contact.

The losing registrar has the ability to reject a domain name transfer requests for the following reasons:

  • If the transfer request was initiated within the first 60 days of the original registration date
  • If there is a legal dispute over the Domain Name
  • If there is a pending bankruptcy of the Domain Name holder
  • If there is a dispute over the identity of the Domain Name holder
  • If the losing Registrar rejects the request (the 'discretion' of the losing Registrar)
  • If the registration is the subject of a litigation matter or trademark dispute
  • If the Domain Name is "on hold" for any reason

If your domain is registered with Network Solutions, the administrative contact will receive an e-mail with additional approval instructions. As of this writing, their process has a time limit of 96 hours, and the approval codes must be copied into the subject line of the reply e-mail. Further, no error is returned if the approval is sent incorrectly! If the 96 hour window expires we must wait 30 days before trying again.

Who is the administrative contact of my domain?
When is my domain registration up for renewal?

Please use this form to view your domain's current registration and contact information.

Can I change the current contacts for my domain?

If the administrative contact listed for your domain is incorrect, you will need to change this information with your current registrar before initiating the transfer.

Does any information change for my domain registration?

During the transfer the technical contact for the domain will be changed to the new registrar. This is beyond our control, but after the transfer is complete we will be happy to change this to be whomever you wish.

How do I modify my domain registration contact information once the domain is transferred?

ITS will be happy to change this information for you upon request. Please contact technical support for assistance.